Hugh Anton-Stephens

notary public

& professional legal services

conveyancing and property services

(c) other property matters

commercial property transactions

I work with commercial property as well as residential property, which includes both freehold and leasehold properties and I work with both landlords and tenants.

agricultural property transactions

Having lived and worked in rural Mid Wales for many years I have experience in conveyancing and property services related to agricultural land and buildings.

property disputes

I offer prompt professional advice to seek to resolve property disputes and to prevent them occurring in the future. Should litigation nevertheless be unavoidable, I can prepare a full case to present to litigation specialists for you.

Examples include advice on tenancies, arrears, possession, enforcement, commercial property disputes, trespass, claims, rights of way and issues arising from joint ownership.

rent reviews

I do not have special expertise in assessing market rents for the purpose of rent reviews, and such work is generally undertaken by non-lawyer specialists. What I am able to do is to conduct negotiations for Clients, working with the advice of a rent review specialist and with my specialist knowledge of rent review provisions in leases.

granting of rights

Some property work involves just the granting of rights: rights of way, or drainage, or for other services; rights of hunting, shooting, or fishing; and many other possibilities. I can provide comprehensive legal services in such situations.

mobile service

Appointments are available at my home office in Montgomery or by arrangement I can visit you at your office or at your home

appointments are usually
available at short notice

evening and weekend
appointments are available

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