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I undertake conveyancing of both residential and commercial property, freehold and leasehold.

Conveyancing - put simply - is the legal transferring of ownership of land from one person to another, and this includes gifts, setting up trusts, and transfers to a beneficiary of a person's estate.

I can help you with a wide range of conveyancing from simple house moves and re-mortgaging through to more complex cases, including gifts, probate and family matters. This can be in my local area of Mid Wales and Shropshire, including Newtown, Welshpool and Shrewsbury, or anywhere in England and Wales.

Moving house is one of the most important legal matters that most people will deal with in their lifetimes and it can also be quite a difficult process, coming high on the list of most stressful life experiences. I have dealt with conveyancing for many years as a Solicitor and Notary and I can help you find your way smoothly through the process of buying and selling property. I am here to safeguard your interests in the most trouble free and rapid way.

You can always contact me directly and I will keep you informed throughout. I pride myself in being friendly, efficient and professional and, as much of the conveyancing work I receive is on personal recommendation, you are assured of the quality of my service at all times.

If you are thinking of selling or buying a property, or have already agreed a sale or purchase, please contact me for advice and a no-obligation estimate of costs.

how long will it take?

This is very variable, depending on the work involved and in particular the length of any chain of buyers, which is inevitably governed by the slowest link in the chain. Cash purchase of a freehold property can be done in two to three weeks, or indeed even less if there is great urgency. Mortgages, linked chains of transactions and leaseholds all tend to lengthen the time required.

how much will it cost?

I carry out conveyancing on a 'fixed fee' basis, rather than charging by the hour, and will give you an estimate of all costs at the start. The estimate will consist of my fee for the work I do, which is related to the sale/purchase price of the property and is typically between £350 and £800. The cost will be higher if you are purchasing a property with a mortgage. I will also give you estimates of additional costs and charges ('disbursements') such as search fees, Land Registry fees and Stamp Duty that the particular transaction will involve. I will let you know if any unexpected issues arise as the transaction proceeds which would cause a change in the costs and I will await your approval before proceeding further.

As I am a Notary, not only am I able to offer prices for conveyancing work that are lower than most 'high street' solicitors, but I also offer a service that has a level of personal attention to your requirements that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

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Appointments are available at my home office in Montgomery or by arrangement I can visit you at your office or at your home

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