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(a) making a will

I can help you to make a will that will look after the people that matter to you and that will allow your estate to be administered as smoothly as possible, causing as little distress to your friends and relatives as possible.

I can advise you on choosing executors and can also help you incorporate trusts within your will, as well as make provision for children and other dependents or donate to charity.

If you die with a poorly written or out of date will, or even with no valid will at all, there may be a range of problems, including:

  • your assets may go to different people than you intended
  • your dependants may not be able to access money that they need or may be forced out of their home
  • there may be a large inheritance tax bill
  • there may be disagreements between beneficiaries or your will may be contested
  • a large proportion of your estate may be spent on administration, sorting out disagreements and dealing with claims against the estate

My fees for preparing wills are competitive and start at 70 for a basic will. Please contact me for an estimate.

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Appointments are available at my home office in Montgomery or by arrangement I can visit you at your office or at your home

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