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As a Notary Public, I am most usually asked to provide independent verification of things done by individuals and by companies in this country in circumstances where the 'thing done' has to be relied on overseas. I also frequently certify copy documents as true copies of the originals, and sometimes I need to authenticate the originals from which the copies are taken.

'Verification' involves checking that the individual is who he/she claims to be, making sure that the person has the appropriate capacity to carry out the act, ensuring that the person understands the nature and effect of the act, witnessing the act being done, and giving my own confirmation on the document that it has been validly completed.

'Authentication' is the process of checking to see that what is produced to me by an individual is genuine, and typically this is done by contacting the person or organisation who issued the original of the document and getting confirmation that they did issue it.

'Attestation' is what I do when I confirm that an act has been validly done, by signing and applying my official notarial seal to the document in question. I also keep a permanent record of each notarial attestation, together with a copy of the document and proofs of identity supplied.

As part of the notarial process, I have to be sure that both I and my client(s) properly understand the document(s) that are being dealt with, and this may involve translation by myself or by a qualified translator.

Among the most common tasks that need the services of a Notary are:

  • verification of the signature by individuals of documents to be used abroad, for personal or for business purposes;
  • obtaining apostille certification of my seal and signature on a document by the Foreign and Commonwealth office;
  • obtaining full legalisation of a document by the embassy or consulate in this country of the overseas country
  • authentication of documents to be used abroad for business;
  • authentication of documents to be used abroad for individuals who are living, working, studying or getting married abroad;
  • dealing with documents required for the purchase or sale of property abroad;
  • dealing with documents required for the administration of estates for people who were living abroad or who owned property abroad

I am a member of the Notaries Society and I have full professional indemnity cover and fidelity insurance

what to do

You need to make an appointment for us to meet, and you need to make sure you bring everything with you to the appointment, including not only the documents that have to be dealt with, but also any instructions you have received from the overseas country, and good evidence of your identity. Please go to the page 'what to bring' for full details about identity and other documents.

what not to do

Please do not sign anything before our meeting. All signatures have to be made in my presence.


I can arrange to see you at my office at my home address in Montgomery, including in the evening and at weekends by prior arrangement. I can also visit you at your home or place of business, for which there is sometimes an extra charge if much travelling is involved. I cover a wide area of Powys, Mid Wales, Shropshire and the Borders, including Newtown, Welshpool and Shrewsbury.

I am often able to offer emergency appointments where notarisation is required very quickly, usually on a same or next day basis.

how long will it take?

An appointment to have the signing of a simple document verified and attested will take about 20 minutes of your time. Longer will be required for multiple documents and more complex situations.

what will it cost?

I will gladly provide a quotation for each notarial task undertaken. Fees start from £95 for a standard 30 minute appointment. Although I may not need to spend 30 minutes with you, there is a lot of 'behind the scenes' work required for notarial tasks, including logging the task and creating a file record that will be kept in perpetuity.

mobile service

Appointments are available at my home office in Montgomery or by arrangement I can visit you at your office or at your home

appointments are usually
available at short notice

evening and weekend
appointments are available

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